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How to Use It

Turn the wheel away from the nose to for a more negative power, or turn the wheel towards the nose for a more positive power until you can see clearly.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Simply turn the wheel away from the nose (for a more negative power) or turn the wheel towards the nose (for a more positive power) until you see clearly. You can adjust one eye at a time then fine-tune your vision with both eyes open for the most comfortable view.

VOY glasses support a tuning range of +2D to -5D.

No, VOY glasses do not currently correct for astigmatism.

VOY glasses are suitable for adults with pupillary distances from 57 mm to 74 mm.

VOY glasses can be used by any adult over 18 years old.

If the frame fits your face too tightly or too loosely, gently bend the arms of the glasses away or toward your ears for a better fit.

The VOY Classic frame comes with a different size nose pad. For the VOY Active frame, you can gently bend the angle of the arm piece that goes over your ears.

To clean your VOY glasses, use a microfiber cloth or pre-moistened lens wipe. For stubborn smudges, use a lens spray that does not contain ammonia. Do not use clothing, tissues, or running water to clean your VOY glasses. When you're not using your VOY glasses, store them in a case. Try not leave them in extreme temperatures (such as inside a car on a hot day).

No, VOY glasses do not have electronic components or batteries.

We offer a 30 days free return policy.