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Reprinted Content: It Doesn't Matter if Your Eyesight is Poor. Adjustable Lenses for Quest 3 Make Your VR View Clearer

by VOY Glasses 20 Jun 2024

VOY VR Lens with Gizmodo Japan

This article is reprinted from Gizmodo Japan. We would like to thank Gizmodo Japan and author 武者良太 for sharing and reviewing our VOY products.


Title: It doesn't matter if your eyesight is poor. Adjustable lenses for Quest 3 make your VR view clearer

This is a great item for households where every family member uses a Quest 3. XR headsets with diopter adjustment are very convenient. They can be adjusted to fit the user's eyesight, allowing them to see VR and MR images clearly and cleanly without the need for contact lenses or inserts.

Tunable VR Lenses Inserts allow you to add this convenient feature to Meta Quest 3, Quest 2, and Lenovo's ThinkReality VRX.

The adjustment range is 0D to -6D for nearsightedness and +3D to -3D for farsightedness. Note that -6D is equivalent to 0.01 in visual acuity. A wide range of adjustment means more people can use it, so it's convenient if you want your family, friends, or co-workers to use the XR headset. It also makes it easier to demonstrate XR content.

Tunable VR Lenses Inserts are thicker lens inserts than regular eyewear, likely due to their variable structure. The amount of light in peripheral vision may decrease, but if you want to turn the affordable and powerful Quest 3 into a universal XR headset, this is the only option. The price is $59 (about 9,300 yen) for the Meta Quest 3/Quest 2 and $69 (about 10,800 yen) for the ThinkReality VRX.


This reprinted content is credited to Gizmodo Japan and author 武者良太. Thank you to Gizmodo Japan and 武者良太 for the original insightful article.

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