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Can I play VR with my glasses? Are there any alternatives?

by VOY Glasses 06 Dec 2023

Can I play VR with my glasses? Are there any alternatives VR Lenses?

Today, virtual reality (VR) plays a significant role in our everyday lives. It is also a big part of several sectors and industries, especially gaming. However, VR could create some difficulties for people who use glasses.

For glasses wearers, using VR headsets can be pretty uncomfortable, as the frames of the glasses can press against the user's face, causing irritation and hindering long-term use. This discomfort is particularly problematic during extended gaming or immersive VR sessions. Furthermore, fit issues can arise when trying to wear glasses inside a VR headset. The headset's design may not accommodate glasses comfortably, resulting in reduced immersion and an overall suboptimal fit. This can be a major hurdle for users aiming to fully enjoy their VR experiences. Fogging is another common problem. The warmth generated from wearing a headset can cause the glasses' lenses to fog up, obstructing the user's vision and creating an annoying barrier between them and the virtual world. This issue can be exacerbated by physically demanding VR activities. Moreover, glasses add extra weight to the head, which can lead to discomfort and imbalance when using the headset for extended periods. Lastly, the proximity of glasses to the VR headset's lenses poses a risk of scratches or other damage to both the glasses and the headset. 

Can People With Glasses Use VR?

Yes, they can! Thanks to the advent of newer technologies and acknowledging the challenges, this issue has highlighted the importance of considering alternative solutions such as VR lens inserts or prescription lens adapters for a more comfortable, immersive, and visually clear VR experience. So, let’s learn more!

VR Lenses Insert: Clear Vision for Glass Wearers

VR lenses insert, or vr prescription lenses adapters, are custom-made lenses designed specifically for VR headsets. They address the vision correction needs of people who wear glasses and want to experience VR comfortably and with clarity.

How VR Lenses Insert Work

Tunable VR lenses insert, also known as prescription lens adapters, are custom-made lenses designed to address the challenges faced by individuals who wear glasses when using virtual reality (VR) headsets. These inserts are tailored to the user's specific prescription, providing a seamless fit that eliminates discomfort caused by the frames of glasses pressing against the face during extended VR sessions. They ensure clear and sharp vision within the VR environment, enhancing the overall immersive experience by eliminating visual distortions that can occur with glasses inside a headset. Furthermore, VR lenses insert also help lessen issues with fogging or condensation by keeping the lenses clear and providing a consistently crisp view of the virtual world at all times. These inserts also serve as a barrier of protection, lowering the possibility of scratches or other damage to the user's spectacles as well as the lenses of the VR headset. With the convenience of easy installation and removal, VR lenses insert offer a practical and comfortable solution, making VR accessible and enjoyable for individuals who wear glasses.

Benefits of Using VR Lenses Insert:

Here are several advantages to using VR lenses insert for people with glasses:


Wearing glasses inside a VR headset can be uncomfortable due to the frames pressing against your face. VR lenses insert eliminate this discomfort, providing a more comfortable fit and allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the virtual world without distractions.


VR lenses insert are tailored to your prescription, ensuring that you have clear and sharp vision within the VR environment. You'll no longer need to compromise on visual quality or deal with the distortion that glasses can introduce when used inside a VR headset.


Investing in VR lenses insert can be cost-effective in the long run. You won't need to purchase expensive prescription lenses for multiple VR headsets, and you can use the same VR lenses insert across various VR experiences.

Blue Light Protection

Many VR lenses insert come with coatings that provide blue-light protection. This is especially beneficial when spending extended periods in VR, as it reduces the potential strain on your eyes and may help improve sleep patterns.

In conclusion, VR lenses insert have undeniably transformed the game for people with glasses who wish to delve into the immersive world of virtual reality. These customized lenses address the longstanding challenges of discomfort, visual distortion, and safety concerns associated with wearing glasses inside VR headsets. By offering a tailored solution that seamlessly integrates with the headset, VR lenses insert ensure comfort, clarity, and convenience. They have opened up a new realm of possibilities, enabling individuals with glasses to fully enjoy and engage in the captivating experiences VR has to offer without the need for compromises. Moreover, by addressing the aforementioned issues that people with glasses face when using VR, these inserts offer a practical solution for a more comfortable and visually clear VR experience. Whether you're gaming, exploring virtual worlds, or engaging in professional simulations, VR lenses insert can enhance your immersion and enjoyment while protecting your vision. As technology continues to evolve, VR lenses insert stand as a shining example of how innovation can enhance accessibility and inclusivity within the virtual world, making VR an enjoyable and accessible venture for users with all vision correction needs.

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