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How Delta Air Lines Revolutionized Employee Training with VR Lenses

by VOY Glasses 03 Jul 2024

How Delta Air Lines Revolutionized Employee Training with VR & VOY VR Lenses

Transforming Training with VR 

Discover how Delta Air Lines, in partnership with Futurus and ArborXR, revolutionized its employee training through innovative VR technology, resulting in significant cost savings, increased efficiency, and better knowledge retention.

Delta Air Lines and Virtual Reality Training 

Embracing VR for Employee Development 

Virtual reality (VR) training is becoming a crucial tool for employee development. By using immersive learning through VR, augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), companies can offer new ways for employees to learn and improve their skills. Delta Air Lines is leading this change, using enterprise VR training solutions with VR providers like Futurus and ArborXR. This shift has transformed their traditional training methods, especially for deicing airplane technicians.

Challenges with Traditional Deicing Training 

How Delta Air Lines Revolutionized Employee Training with VR & VOY VR Lenses 1

Image: ArborXR

Deicing is essential for Delta’s operations in winter. With over 1,500 deicing technicians needing annual training, the traditional methods had significant challenges:

  • High Costs: Training required expensive deicing fluid and travel to bad weather locations.
  • Limited Capacity: Only 3-4 technicians could be trained per day due to weather and fluid costs.
  • Time-Consuming: Annual live proficiency checks needed extensive travel and logistics.

    The Monumental Impact of VR Training  

    How Delta Air Lines Revolutionized Employee Training with VR & VOY VR Lenses 2

    Image: ArborXR

    To address these challenges, Delta explored VR training with Futurus, resulting in profound impacts:

    • Increased Training Capacity: Training efficiency rose from 3 to over 150 technicians per day, a nearly 5000% increase.
    • Cost Savings: VR training cut the need for costly deicing fluid and reduced travel expenses, saving millions annually.
    • Enhanced Training Efficiency: Less travel and realistic, repeatable practice scenarios improved overall training efficiency.
    • Improved Knowledge Retention: VR training reinforced muscle memory and knowledge retention through immersive, hands-on experiences.
    • Data-Driven Insights: Integration with Delta’s learning management system (LMS) provided valuable data on usage, pass rates, and time spent in VR.

      Developing Phase 1 for VR Training 

      How Delta Air Lines Revolutionized Employee Training with VR & VOY VR Lenses 3

      Image: ArborXR

      Tailored VR Solutions by Futurus

      Futurus tailored their VR training proposal to Delta’s needs, emphasizing collaboration:

      • On-Site Research: Futurus’ team visited Delta’s sites and worked closely with Delta’s experts.
      • Custom VR Modules: The initial VR training module focused on one plane type, one route, and one environment, evolving through feedback.
      • LMS Integration: VR modules were connected to Delta’s LMS, incorporating multiple-choice quizzes adapted from Delta’s existing training questions.

      Overcoming Challenges with ArborXR 

      Seamless Development and Deployment 

      ArborXR played a crucial role in the smooth development and deployment of VR training:

      • Remote Distribution: Allowed specific VR software versions to be distributed remotely for review.
      • Efficient Testing: Facilitated coordinated software builds for testing versus full deployment.
      • Streamlined Updates: Enabled remote updates to VR headsets, saving time and ensuring all devices had the latest content.
      • Controlled User Experience: Utilized kiosk mode to simplify the end-user experience.

      The Future of Immersive Learning 

      Scaling VR Training Globally

      Rolling out VR training across Delta’s global operations showed the huge potential of immersive learning:

      • Global Reach: Delta’s VR training now supports over 1,500 technicians worldwide.
      • Scalable Solutions: The partnership with Futurus and ArborXR shows how customized VR training can be scaled.
      • Enhanced Employee Confidence: Employees reported better knowledge retention and increased confidence through VR training.
      • Operational Efficiency: The immersive learning approach significantly reduced operational costs and improved training effectiveness.

      Enhance VR Training with VOY VR Insert Lenses

      While companies like Delta Air Lines use VR technology to revolutionize their training programs, ensuring clear and comfortable vision is crucial. VOY Tunable Lens Inserts offer clear, undistorted visuals for users with vision impairments, enhancing the VR experience without the need for prescription glasses. Learn more about enhancing your VR training experience with VOY VR Insert Lenses.

      Leading the Way in VR Training 

      Delta’s success with VR training for airplane technicians shows the vast possibilities of immersive reality training across various industries. With strategic partners like Futurus and ArborXR, companies can achieve similar transformative benefits by implementing customized VR training programs.

      Enhance Your VR Training Today: Consider integrating VOY VR Insert Lenses to ensure your VR training experiences are clear, comfortable, and effective. For more information and updates, visit the official pages of Delta Air Lines, Futurus, and ArborXR.

      Blog source: ArborXR

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