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Latest Apple Vision Pro Game List with VR Lenses

by VOY Glasses 09 Jan 2024

Latest Apple Vision Pro Game List with VR Lenses

Apple’s new Vision Pro headset is a revolutionary addition to the world of virtual and augmented reality. As the flagship of Apple's latest product category, this headset outshines its VR market counterparts with unparalleled power, display resolution, and processor speed. However, the most differentiating feature is that it can be controlled using the user’s eyes, hands, and voice combined. This allows your body to commandeer your experience entirely, making it a better controller than any other.

Vision Pro’s latest launch also revealed that there are more than 100 games in its collection as of now, including games like Rec Room and NBA 2K23.

Can I play Mac games on the Apple Vision Pro?

While the headset can be connected wirelessly to your Mac, playing games meant for the Mac might mean that it will simply stick to a desktop-like view, instead of an immersive, 3D experience. However, the new Apple Store edition for the Vision Pro headset does cater to the rest of the entire Apple ecosystem. iPad and iPhone games can be accessed and played with ease, and the headset features automatic uploading of your iOS games into the system, streamlining the process.

Here are some games that you can enjoy on your new Apple Vision Pro:

Air Twister

Air Twister is a quirky and bizarre rail-shooter game developed by Yu Suzuki, one of the most well-known game developers in the industry. Its fundamentals are built like a classic arcade game and span over twelve stages before the final boss level. Its trippy art style and stunning visuals have hooked players for hours at end, and rightly so. This game deserves all the attention. 

Cat Quest II

This fantasy realm of cats and dogs, with its cute aesthetic and rewarding gameplay, has purr-suaded many to play this action-oriented RPG (Role-Playing Game). Cat Quest 2 is also filled with side quests, a range of which are perfect for local co-op gameplay. 

Crossy Road Castle

Crossy Road Castle is an action-oriented arcade game that’s perfect for interactive play. It features both co-operative and competitive factors, enabling players to assist one another while they make headway, and still racing against each other for spoils. While it stimulates you enough to pump adrenaline, the gameplay is fairly easy to learn, making it hard to put down your VR headsets!

Disney Melee Mania

Set in a virtual playground with champions from iconic Disney and Pixar movies, Disney Melee Mania is an eclectic treat. This arena brawler game follows a simple play of scoring the maximum points over quick, five-minute matches. Each character has unique abilities and iconic moves, designed after the characters’ personalities and backstories in clever ways. 

Exit the Gungeon

Exit the Gungeon is arcade-style and bidimensional, considered one of the best in the rogue-like genre. While it has dungeon exploring and inventory building, its primary focus is combat and action. Each Gungeoneer is faced with their own set of levels to progress through, which draws many to play as all of the possible variations.  

Oceanhorn 2

Knights of the Lost Realm is set a millennium before the events of the first edition and is a delight for mythology and lore enthusiasts. The world of Gaia brims with mysterious puzzles of the ancients and every detail is intricately weaved with historical elements. Oceanhorn’s graphics and ambient music are an exceptionally breathtaking experience through your VR lenses.

Oregon Trail

This simple educational game was designed to be the perfect emulator of the Westward expansion of the 1800’s for school children. It follows the life of a pioneer on the Oregon Trail, combining adventure with survival tools like building and growing your own resources. It even has mini-game campaigns such as hunting game, and floating down the Dallas River! 

Sayonara Wild Hearts

The visuals of this game perfectly align with the plot– dreamy and surreal. Sayonara Wild Hearts is a pop-culture, action-packed game that follows the story of a young, heartbroken woman who is out to collect hearts. Music is a fundamental aspect of the game, as the gameplay is oriented around the player’s interactions with the musical scores. If you’re a melomaniac or a pop enthusiast, this is your game.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

With over 300 licensed vehicles and 75 tracks, Asphalt has been a cult classic in the gaming world since it first cropped up. This racing simulation game has players competing in high-speed races, with emphasis on speed, stunts, and dramatic, slow-motion collisions. The gameplay of the 8th edition is similar to the previous versions; players are given four control options to navigate steering and acceleration. It's a great adrenaline pump that can be experienced through your VR lenses and in the comfort of your space.

Human Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat is a hilarious, puzzle-platform game that is set amidst surrealistic dreamscapes. The puzzles range from mundane tasks to intricate ones that make you delve into the world of physics. The physics system set in place is solid and innovative, making the experience all the more realistic and pleasant at the same time. The developers have even given players free reign to come up with their own solutions to the puzzles in the game.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is one of the most captivating games out there; maybe it's the refined gameplay and visuals, or maybe it's the rich yet simplistic art that details every part of the game, from thick forests to scenic backdrops. It’s an endless runner snowboarding video game that must be experienced through VR lenses. The game is simple yet challenging, keeping you thoroughly engaged throughout your experience.

Elevate Your VR Journey with the Ultimate Companion

Whether you’re stepping into a pop album arcade world or surreal dreamscapes, your experience is hampered if you do not have the right equipment. Your VR gear should make you feel like you’re completely immersed in this separate reality. This can seem tough if you wear vr prescription glasses and cannot use them together with the Vision Pro headset. 

VOY Glass’s tunable VR lenses insert are here to solve the problem! These inserts, with their tunable technology, are designed for shared use and can be effortlessly adjusted to meet individual needs. Whether accommodating changes in your prescription or addressing eye strain, these inserts ensure a hassle-free dive into the virtual reality realm. What’s more, these VR lenses protect against hazardous blue light, making sure you enjoy your virtual experiences without worrying about your eye health. 

So it’s time to say goodbye to prescription lenses and use VOY’s tunable vr lenses insert to make your VR experience as immersive as possible!

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