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Thanks to Skarredghost for Highlighting VOY's VR Prescription Lenses for Public Settings

by VOY Glasses 13 Jun 2024

Tackling VR Prescription Lens Challenges

A few days ago in Silicon Valley, we at VOY were thrilled to demonstrate our innovative tunable prescription lenses to Skarredghost. He was amazed by our product and how it addresses a significant issue in public VR demos. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Skarredghost for sharing our products in such detail and helping us reach a broader audience. You can read his detailed review here.

Overcoming the VR Prescription Lenses Problem

Wearing glasses inside VR headsets has never been a comfortable experience. Although there have been improvements, such as the Meta Quest's glass distancer, the experience remains suboptimal. Traditional prescription lenses for XR headsets offer a solution by attaching inserts on top of the headset lenses, adjusted to the user's eye parameters. These lenses work well for individual use but become problematic in shared settings, like family or enterprise environments, where swapping lenses for each user is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Innovative Solution: VOY Tunable VR Lenses

We at VOY are proud to present a revolutionary solution: a prescription lens to rule them all. Our tunable prescription lenses are inserts that you attach to the headset lens. Each lens features a slider that allows users to select their prescription, making it easy for multiple users to share the same headset comfortably.

Distinct Features of VOY VR Lenses

  • Flexible Vision Correction: Designed for myopia and hyperopia, offering a cost-effective alternative to multiple prescription glasses.
  • Precision Engineering: Features award-winning nanoscale precision technology for adjustments to a tenth of a diopter, with a high refractive index of 1.61 for thin, lightweight lenses.
  • Eye Safety: Includes anti-blue light coating to reduce eye strain during long VR sessions.
  • Ergonomic Fit: Engineered for a snug fit, these inserts prevent discomfort and damage from wearing glasses under headsets, with easy installation and adjustability.
  • Durability: Equipped with a scratch-resistant, anti-glare coating and high impact resistance for long-lasting use.
  • The Mechanism Behind VOY Lenses

    Our CEO, George Zhao, has leveraged his extensive experience in optics to innovate and develop our patented lens technology. By using an optical principle discovered by Luis Alvarez and Adolph Lohmann, we created two parallel lenses with a special form factor. The compound of these lenses changes its focal distance based on their relative position, adjusted through a slider.

    When the lenses move, the optical parameters of the system change (Image from Dynaoptics)

    Creating such a system requires machines with nanometric precision to ensure high-quality vision correction. Our tunable lenses are designed to be durable and effective, even with frequent adjustments, making them ideal for public demos and enterprise settings.

    Hands-On Experience with VOY Lenses

    Skarredghost tested our inserts on his Quest 3 and shared his positive first impressions. The setup was straightforward, with the inserts fitting securely onto the headset lenses. The lenses remained stable even after multiple uses and collisions. Detaching them was equally simple, and the slider mechanism worked smoothly.

    (Installing the lens on Skarredghost headset)

    The lenses are well-made, with anti-blue light filtering and continuous prescription adjustment. Although there are minor issues, such as slight warping at the periphery and comfort concerns due to thickness, these do not significantly impact the overall VR experience, especially for short demos.

    Final Thoughts from VOY

    We are delighted by Skarredghost's feedback on our VOY Glasses prescription lenses. He found them to be a practical solution for improving VR experiences in shared settings, such as company training programs or VR exhibitions. The product is robust, affordable, and adds significant value to the VR ecosystem.

    If you are attending AWE, we invite you to visit our booth and try our tunable lenses yourself. We believe they offer an exciting and practical enhancement for VR users.

    Elevate Your VR Experience with VOY

    At VOY, we are committed to enhancing your VR experience with our innovative tunable lens inserts. Improve your VR sessions with VOY VR Insert Lenses or VR Insert Lens for Meta Quest 2.

    Purchase VOY VR Lenses Insert Today: Ensure your VR experiences are comfortable and clear.

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