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Top 20 Best Pico 4 Games with VR Lenses

by VOY Glasses 26 Dec 2023

Top 20 Best Pico 4 Games with VR Lenses

The Pico 4 VR headset has gained quite a buzz in the VR community, and the excitement surrounding it is justified. With its new-gen optics and advanced technology, the Pico 4 elevates the VR experience to a whole new level. Not only does it function as an exceptional stand-alone controller, but it also boasts integrated features such as a built-in browser and file explorer. Its rapidly expanding game library and immersive gaming experiences have captured the imagination of VR enthusiasts. But what truly sets it apart is the comfort and experience it offers.

Let’s dive into the remarkable offerings of the Pico 4, exploring the range of games and adventures that have won the hearts of the VR community. 

Category: Action and Adventure

1. Resident Evil 4: 

Resident Evil, well-known in the world of horror survival games, brings a chilling experience for the new generation of gamers. The plot centers around the player, Leon S. Kennedy on a mission to rescue the President's daughter from a sinister cult in a European village. Its addition of side quests and breathtaking visual effects has gained significant traction in the VR universe.

2. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution:

Retribution is a delight for die-hard fans of The Walking Dead franchise. This first-person shooter game is filled with intense physics-based combat and a wide arsenal of improvised weapons to battle hordes of zombies.

3. After the Fall:

Ever wondered what it'd be like to take on mobs of mutated creatures with friends in an '80s-inspired Los Angeles? After the Fall lets you team up, search for gear, and blast through a post-apocalyptic world. Its action-packed gameplay and '80s action movie theme are a must-experience on your new Pico 4 headset.

4. Moss: Book II:

Step back into the enchanting world of Quill, the fearless mouse, as you accompany her on a journey driven by the most captivating world exploration features. If you’re looking for a riveting adventure filled with intricate puzzles, battle the arcane and save the land of Moss.

5. Iron Man VR:

Marvel fans, assemble! You can engage in epic battles, and relish the experience of not just being any superhero but living the legacy of Tony Stark himself. It is a compelling fusion of action, storytelling, and VR technology, giving you an experience pumped with adrenaline. The advanced motion capture technology even makes you feel like you’re in Iron Man’s suit!

6. Horizon Call of the Mountain:

Horizon Call of the Mountain paves the way for exciting ventures into virtual reality gaming. It's a marvel, showcasing what's possible with VR lenses and technology, with exhilarating combat sequences that get your heart racing. 

Category: Sports and Fitness

1. FitXR:

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling fitness journey in the virtual realm? FitXR isn't just a VR fitness game, it's your personal trainer in the digital world. With VR lenses, you can step into a world where high-energy cardio routines and muscle-toning exercises come to life. Feel the burn and thrill as you engage in immersive fitness challenges, all while tracking your progress. Say goodbye to the traditional gym, and let VR guide you to a fitter you.

2. Superhot VR:

Superhot VR redefines first-person shooters in virtual reality. It introduces a groundbreaking concept where time moves only when you move, adding a unique twist to the gameplay. With your headset, you'll find yourself dodging bullets, planning your moves, and taking down enemies in slow motion. It’s your personal action movie. 

3. Thrill of the Fight:

Put on your VR gloves, step into the virtual ring, and experience one of the most realistic VR boxing simulations available. Thrill of the Fight focuses on providing an authentic boxing experience, ensuring you feel the weight of every punch and the intensity of every round. You can bob, weave, and deliver powerful punches and create moves according to your taste, making it the perfect workout for boxing enthusiasts.

4. Eleven Table Tennis:

Eleven Table Tennis brings the classic sport of table tennis into the virtual realm. You can master the art of spin, control the trajectory, and execute precise shots with the paddle without needing an actual table. It's a great way to improve your ping pong game or just have fun with some friendly competition.

5. Walkabout Mini Golf: 

Your VR headset transforms mini-golf into a visually captivating and fun experience with Walkabout Mini Golf. Explore colorful and imaginative courses, each with its unique challenges and themes. With tunable VR lenses, you can experience the game's vibrant graphics at their best. 

6. Until You Fall:

This fantasy VR game combines sword-fighting with roguelike elements to create an immersive adventure. It challenges you to battle fierce monsters, upgrade your combat skills, and explore a captivating world. Its engaging progression system will keep you coming back for more.

7. Creed:

Another one for all the boxing enthusiasts! Step into the shoes of Adonis Creed and fight against iconic opponents from the Creed films. The game uses advanced motion capture technology and haptic feedback to create a realistic boxing simulation, giving you the most thrilling boxing experience you can ask for. 

Category: Puzzle and Casual

1. Beat Saber:

Prepare for a rhythm-based extravaganza in virtual reality with Beat Saber. This VR game combines the thrill of music with the precision of lightsabers. You'll slice and dice through blocks to the beat, and the better your timing, the higher your score. The game also offers an extensive library of music, along with various difficulty levels and mods.

2. Tetris Effect: Connected:

This is not your typical Tetris game, it's an artistic and immersive masterpiece. With VR lenses you'll be enchanted by the dynamic visuals and music that react to your every move. The game offers over 30 different stages, each with its own sound effects and graphic style. 

3. Puzzling Places:

Puzzling Places takes the classic jigsaw puzzle to new heights in virtual reality. You can travel and explore hidden gems of the world while playing this game, making it perfect for puzzle enthusiasts and nature lovers. The convenience of VR also means no more worries about missing pieces!

4. Demeo:

Demeo takes tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) into the world of virtual reality. One of its unique features is the Dungeon Master Mode, where a player can guide the group as the storyteller, controlling the pace of the adventure. It's a very engaging experience, allowing you to connect with friends and family regardless of physical distance.

5. Walkabout Mini Golf:

Walkabout Mini Golf offers a delightful mini-golf experience in virtual reality. You'll find yourself navigating a variety of challenging courses, each with its unique theme. Whether you're playing alone or with friends, you'll fall in love with its breathtaking visuals and gaming experience.

6. Aperture Desk Job:

Aperture Desk Job is a quirky VR experience that takes you into the weird world of Aperture Science, set in the universe of the popular Portal Games. You can interact with eccentric objects and solve puzzles, and with its blend of problem-solving and humor, it offers a fresh take on the puzzle genre.

7. Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale:

This game lets you and your friends step into a chaotic virtual kitchen where teamwork is key. It challenges up to four players to work together to keep constant orders of food ready for a hungry cast of strange, enchanted creatures. The game's hilarious antics and fast-paced action make it an enjoyable experience.

VOY Glasses VR Lenses: Your Ultimate VR Companion

In the world of virtual reality, staying on top of the game means having the right gear to enhance your experience. This becomes even more crucial if you happen to wear prescription glasses, as the compatibility between your eyewear and your Pico 4 VR headset can become a challenge.  That's where VOY Glasses tunable VR lenses come in! Precision-engineered to deliver crisp, crystal-clear visuals, VOY will have you blurring the line between the real and the virtual. 

The exciting part? This flexible vision correction solution for VR can be shared with multiple users, saving your cost of buying different lenses. It's also safer and more comfortable as it replaces traditional framed glasses. Moreover, the anti-blue light technology protects your eyes during prolonged VR sessions. Can it get any better than this?

So, gear up for your next adventure with VOY Glasses and explore the endless possibilities of the virtual world. It's time to take your VR journey to the next level!

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