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Using PICO 4 VR Headset with glasses? Switch to VR Lenses Today!

by VOY Glasses 27 Nov 2023

Using PICO 4 VR Headset with glasses? Switch to VR Lenses Today!

Virtual Reality (VR) is like stepping into a Christopher Nolan movie! It’s a whole new world of fun, action and excitement. All the PICO 4 owners know what we’re talking about. But, if you wear glasses, you know it's not always smooth sailing. Using PICO 4 with glasses can be uncomfortable, lenses get foggy, and you worry too much about damaging them. But guess what? We have a solution that will take your VR experiences to a whole new level- VOY’s tunable VR lenses! 

In this blog, we'll find out why PICO 4 VR Lenses are the only game-changer you need.

Glasses and VR: The Compatibility Challenge

Using a VR headset like the PICO 4 with glasses can be a wee bit tricky. Let's check out some specific issues you might encounter:

1. Uncomfortable Fit: 

Wearing glasses inside your VR headset can feel pretty uncomfortable, no matter the VR headset you’re using. The headset presses against your glasses, which can dig into your face, making it less cozy and more stuffy than you'd like your VR experience to be.

2. Foggy Lenses: 

A common obstacle most PICO 4 users come across is fogging up the glasses inside the headset. This foggy mess makes it hard to see what's actually going on in the virtual world and you spend most of your time squinting at the blurry figures. It's like trying to enjoy a fun adventure with smudged glasses- not cool.

3. Glasses at Risk: 

There's also the fear of damaging your glasses while using them with your VR headset. In a confined space, your glasses can accidentally bump into the headset's lenses, leading to scratches or worse. It's the last thing you want when you're just trying to have your share of digital treats.

But hey, no need to fret! VOY has got your back, our tunable VR lenses are made using super cool nanotechnology with high impact resistance so that you can use your PICO 4 with lenses without the constant worrying and have an awesome VR experience!

PICO VR Lenses: The Game-Changer

Picture this: You put on your PICO VR headset, ready to step into a whole new dimension of virtual reality. But this time, it's not the same old experience. It's better. It's more comfortable. It's visually stunning. All of this is made possible by VOY's tunable VR Lenses, a true game-changer for your VR escapades, especially if you're a glasses wearer. Try it out for yourself and thank us later!

Customized Comfort: Tailoring VR for Glasses Wearers

Let's quickly talk about what we mean by Customized Comfort with VOY's tunable VR Ienses. It's all about making your VR experience fit you like a glove, and here's how it works:

Perfect Prescription Match: 

Imagine wearing your PICO 4 VR headset and seeing everything clearly, just like you do with your regular glasses. Sounds incredible, doesn't it? That's what our tunable VR lenses offer. They're made to match your glasses’ prescription exactly. So, if you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or any other vision issue, these inserts make sure you see the virtual world without any blurriness or eye strain. It's like having a custom pair of glasses designed especially for your PICO 4 VR adventures.

Blue Light Protection: Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Think of blue light as the kind of light that comes from screens, like the one in your PICO VR headset. It's also a part of natural sunlight. But when you spend hours in VR, your eyes are exposed to this hazardous light for longer durations, and that can lead to problems. You might feel your eyes getting tired and uncomfortable, or even have trouble sleeping after a long VR session. With VOY’s tunable VR lenses, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Our lenses have an in-built blue light-blocking shield allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy your digital experience to the fullest!

Ease of Use and Compatibility

You know what's great? When something is so easy to set up that you don't need a manual or any special tools. That's exactly what you get with our VR lenses. Installing them is a breeze. You simply pop them into your PICO 4 headset, and that's it! No complicated procedures or headaches. And when we say Compatibility, we mean that VOY’s VR inserts are designed to fit your PICO 4 headset perfectly. They're like the missing puzzle piece that clicks right into place. This ensures that your VR experience isn't just hassle-free but also comfortable. 

The days of using your PICO 4 with glasses, trying to squeeze them into the headset or worrying about them falling out are long gone. It’s time to grab the most compatible PICO 4 VR lenses ever, your VOY begins now! 

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