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VR Prescription Lenses For VR Headsets - Do's & Don'ts

by VOY Glasses 17 Nov 2023

Prescription Lenses For VR Headsets - Do's & Don'ts

While purchasing VR prescription lenses for VR headsets, it is recommended to As we already know, Virtual Reality (VR) has taken the world by storm this past decade or so, paving the way for more creative ways for gamers to immerse themselves in their gaming experience fully. One such fantastic innovation is prescription lenses for VR! That’s right. Nothing can come between you and your digital fantasy world, not even your glasses! Let’s find out more. 

What are VR Prescription Lenses for VR Headsets?

Many gamers prefer using virtual reality (VR) headsets for gaming and other activities online, but might not always be able to see things well while doing so. Here’s where VR prescription lenses can be super useful and just what they need to enhance their experience online.

VR prescription lenses are designed to correct vision in virtual reality headsets. They can offer a more realistic experience and are tailored to fit one’s prescription. These unique lenses help those who are nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatic. It also helps with Presbyopia which is a disorder that affects persons over the age of 40 and makes it challenging to focus on close objects. 

When using VR headsets with prescription lenses, your eye health and comfort should always come first. Your VR experience can be greatly enhanced with prescription lenses since they give you a crystal-clear vision without the need for glasses.Furthermore, VR prescription lenses also help with those who get frequent headaches or eye fatigue while using these VR headsets.

So now that we have an understanding of what VR prescription lenses are, let’s dig deeper into the do's and don'ts. 

Do’s for VR Prescription Lenses


consult an optometrist so you can get a recent prescription. Moreover, they can answer queries, and offer suggestions and guidance on the type of lenses, costs, usage and more, which can help in making a more well-informed choice for your eyes.

Custom-Made Lenses

If one has the choice, it is encouraged to choose brands that offer customized prescription lenses that perfectly fit into your headset. These tend to be more secure, thereby giving you better comfort and clarity while using them to game. Moreover, VR prescription lenses need to be made specifically for you, taking into account the values for your sphere, cylinder, and axis.  

Proper Installation 

After getting the appropriate lenses for your VR headsets, it is important to follow the instructions given for installation by the eyewear company. The majority of lens adapters are made to snap or clip into place inside the VR headset, positioning the lenses securely. Failing to adhere to this can cause discomfort or distortion in vision while gaming. 

Anti-Reflective Coating

Adding a protective layer of anti-reflective coating can help reduce reflections and glare, thereby further enhancing the visual clarity while wearing the VR headset. 

Lens Maintenance

VR prescription lenses need to be cleaned often just like regular glasses to keep these so they can be free from dirt or smudges. This can be done with a microfiber cloth and some cleaning solution. It’s also important for lenses to be in the right casing to prevent any scratches or other damage. Proper maintenance will keep your lenses working for an extended period of time. 

Don’ts for VR Prescription Lenses

Over-The-Glass Adapters 

If one has to use prescription lenses, it is better to avoid using OTG adapters with your VR headset as it can affect the clarity and create discomfort in the VR experience.

Sharing VR Prescription Lenses 

If several people are using the same VR headset, it is strictly advised not to share prescription lenses. Each person may have a different subscription unique to their eyes so sharing it would cause strain. However, some brands like VOY offer tunable inserts that allow you to easily switch lenses, making sharing seamless.

Damaged VR Lenses 

Replace your prescription lenses right away if they are scratched or damaged. Lenses that are broken might make your VR experience less enjoyable and even endanger your eyes.

Eye Comfort

While using prescription lenses in your VR headset, if one experiences eye strain, discomfort or any other strange symptoms, stop using them right away and schedule an appointment with an optometrist as there might be a need for modifications or a new prescription.


It cannot be assumed that all VR headsets can accommodate prescription lenses so this needs to be checked before purchasing. Manufacturers frequently provide lens adapters made to fit particular headset types.

Updated Prescription 

If you have not gotten your eyes examined for over a year, it is strongly advised to consult with an optometrist immediately before purchasing the lenses for your headsets.

Strong VR Prescription Lenses 

Some VR headsets may not be compatible with extremely strong prescriptions because they can distort the image at the display's edges. For advice in these situations, speak with the manufacturer of your VR headset and your optometrist.

So to sum it all up, a user’s digital or gaming experience can be greatly improved by VR prescription lenses. It betters vision and allows for a more immersive enjoyment. So keep in mind these aforementioned pointers and get yourself the perfect set of VR prescription lenses.

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