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VR Prescription Lenses Vs Glasses - What's better for VR Headset Users

by VOY Glasses 22 Nov 2023

VR Prescription Lenses Vs Glasses - What's better for VR Headset User

Picture yourself all geared up to step into a virtual adventure with your super cool VR headset. You're ready to take on virtual dragons or explore the far lands of space. But here's the million-dollar question – should you wear VR prescription lenses for a VR headset, specially made for the job or stick with your regular glasses? 

Let's break it down together.

Clarity - VR Prescription Lenses Vs Glasses

Prescription Lens

Think of VOY’s tunable VR lenses as special glasses designed just for your virtual escapades. They're like having a pair of magical binoculars for the virtual world. These prescription lenses are super precise, showing you everything in your virtual world with incredible detail. It's like seeing every pixel and texture up close and personal. Whether you're exploring fantasy galaxies or working in a virtual office, VOY’s VR prescription lenses for VR headsets make it all look crystal clear, just like a high-definition movie. 


Now, when you use your everyday glasses in the VR world, it's a bit like looking through regular binoculars. While they do the job, they might not capture all the little details and beauty of the virtual realm. It's kind of like watching a movie on an old TV instead of a big, high-quality screen. You can still enjoy the movie, but the experience is not as captivating as it should be.

Comfort - VR Prescription Lenses Vs Glasses

VR Prescription Lenses

Comfort is a big deal, especially when you're spending a long time in the virtual world. VOY understands this and has got you covered in this department. Our tunable VR lenses fit smoothly with your VR headset, it’s like slipping into your coziest pajamas. With VOY’s VR prescription lenses for VR headsets, you won't have to worry about any discomfort- no pinched noses or pressure on your temples. It's all about feeling comfy during your VR adventures.


On the other hand, using your regular glasses with a VR headset is a bit like wearing a heavy winter coat on a hot summer day – not the most pleasant experience. Your regular glasses might not sit well with the VR headset, and they can get all foggy when you're playing intense VR games. Imagine trying to see through foggy glasses- it's not really a pretty picture now, is it?

Blue Light Protection - VR Prescription Lenses Vs Glasses

VR Prescription Lenses

VOY’s tunable VR lenses act as your guardian angels in the digital world. They have a special feature: built-in blue light protection. Blue light is the bright light that screens emit, and too much of it can be rough on your eyes. VOY’s VR prescription lenses for VR headsets are like having a shield against this blue light right from the beginning. So, when you're caught up in longer virtual adventures, your eyes stay safe from the hazardous blue light.


But here's the thing- regular glasses don't always come with this protective shield. If your everyday glasses can't protect you from blue light, you might need to add an extra layer of protection. However, this can be a bit of a hassle, and it might cost you a bit more to ensure your eyes are safe and protected when you're using screens.

Compatibility and Ease of Use - VR Prescription Lenses Vs Glasses

VR Prescription Lenses

If you want a smooth and hassle-free experience then VOY’s tunable VR lenses are a must-have! They're custom-made to fit just right, so putting them on is easy-breezy! You can easily slide them in and out whenever you want to switch between VR and regular stuff. Sounds convenient, right?


Now, using your regular glasses with a VR headset can be a bit more complicated. It might need some tweaking, and here's the tricky part- regular glasses may not always fit well with different VR headset models. This can make using your VR headset a bit of a struggle and might also affect your overall VR experience. It's like wearing shoes that are a size too small- not the most comfortable fit.

Cost - VR Prescription Lenses Vs Glasses

VR Prescription Lenses

When you look at prescription lenses for VR headsets, it's like making a wise investment in your virtual world adventures. Yes, they might come with an initial cost, but the value they offer over time is undeniable. VOY’s tunable VR lenses enhance your VR experience significantly by providing crystal-clear vision tailored to your eyesight. Plus, here's where they really shine: you won't need a separate pair of prescription glasses. This means you're saving money on buying and maintaining two sets of eyewear. 


Let's talk about traditional glasses. They do have their own set of expenses, such as frames, lenses, and possibly extra coatings for things like anti-glare or scratch resistance. But here's where it gets a wee bit more complicated- when you throw in the need for an additional pair of lenses for your VR headset, the costs start piling up. So, while traditional glasses might seem like the more affordable option at first when you consider the expenses of owning both regular glasses and VR lenses, the total cost can add up real quick!

The verdict? VR lenses is the clear choice and should be your go-to product. But if you're a VR globetrotter who wants glasses for everyday adventures too, regular glasses could be your trusty sidekick, even if they have a few quirks. No matter your pick, VOY is here to make sure your eyes are ready for an awesome VR experience. So, gear up, and choose your eyewear- a magical world awaits!

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