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What VR Lenses Options Are Best for Glass Wearers?

by VOY Glasses 09 Nov 2023

What VR Lenses Options Are Best for Glass Wearers?

Do you feel like your visual needs interfere with you and your virtual reality world? Not anymore, and we’re going to tell you how! 

Since the advancement of AR and VR, technology has come a long way, thereby introducing some very interesting innovations. One such groundbreaking concept is that of VR lenses for eyeglass wearers. 

The best VR lens options for those who wear glasses depend on their specific visual needs, comfort preferences, and the VR headset they own. While there are a few options that help solve this, VR prescription lenses have been known to be the most popular among the others, such as lens adapters, over-the-glass (OTG) VR headsets, lens spacer kits, etc. 

What are VR Prescription Lenses?

VR prescription lenses are essentially made-to-order optical lenses designed to fit within a virtual reality (VR) headset and meet the wearer's unique eyesight requirements. Similar to regular eyeglasses or contacts, these lenses are made to accommodate the wearer's prescription, but they are specifically shaped and scaled to fit into the VR headset. 

Benefits of VR Prescription Lenses 

Optimal Clarity 

With VR lenses in your headsets, you can experience enhanced clarity, sharpness and precision in the visuals. The lenses match your exact eye power, thereby also allowing you to fully engage with what you are viewing.

Customized Power

The idea behind VR prescription lenses is to match your exact eyeglass power, whether you are myopic, hyperopic or even experiencing astigmatism. The objective of these VR lenses is to help you enjoy a seamless experience while using them.

Reduced Eye Strain 

The customized vision correction in these VR prescription lenses can help reduce eye strain, fatigue, and discomfort, especially during extended VR sessions. 

Field of View (FOV)

The FOV in headsets is already constrained, and wearing glasses within the headset can make it even more limited. Prescription VR glasses allow you to optimize the FOV and immerse yourself more deeply in the VR experience since they sit closer to your eyes.

No Fogging

Wearing regular glasses inside your VR headset can be uncomfortable and may cause the glasses to fog up. With VR prescription lenses, you can avoid having to wear glasses inside the headset. Hence, the overall VR experience is much sharper and more engaging.


When worn inside a VR headset, regular glasses may get damaged, especially if the headgear is too tight or if you accidentally bump into something. But the lenses of the headset shield VR prescription lenses, lowering the possibility of scratches or other types of damage.


When wearing conventional glasses inside a headset, there is a chance of mishaps or injuries, including your glasses falling off or smacking your face during vigorous VR motions. These risks are reduced when using VR prescription lenses.

Reduced Motion Sickness 

Motion sickness symptoms can be reduced if the VR environment is visible clearly and precisely. You're less likely to feel queasy or uncomfortable when using VR when your vision is corrected using prescription lenses.


Regardless of the VR headset you own, you may still enjoy your VR experience because VR prescription lenses are often made to accommodate a wide range of VR headsets and are compatible with many different models and brands. For instance, VOY offers multiple types of tunable VR inserts and lenses for you to choose from for your gaming experience. 

Easy Installation

The setup of VR prescription lenses is typically very simple and doesn't require any additional adjustments or calibrations. This streamlines the installation process, thereby making it easier for users of various technical proficiency levels.

Greater Immersion 

VR prescription lenses can improve your sense of immersion by removing the pain and interruptions that come with wearing glasses in VR, enabling you to fully engage with the virtual worlds and experiences without being distracted.

Things to Consider When Buying VR Lenses

There are various alternatives to think about while choosing VR lenses for those who wear glasses. It has to meet your unique vision needs, tastes, and preferences and also match the VR headset you currently own. So let’s get into it!

Prescription Accuracy

It is important to check if lenses can be customized to your exact eye prescription, ensuring optimal vision correction during VR experiences.


Ensure that the VR lenses are compatible with your specific VR headset model or brand because compatibility can vary.

Comfort and Fit

Look for features that enhance comfort, such as lightweight materials, blue light locking technology, anti-fog coatings, and ergonomic designs.

Quality and Durability

Assess the quality of the lenses and their durability to ensure they can withstand regular use. 

Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews, testimonials, or ratings on the VOY website or other online platforms to gain insights into the experiences of other VR users who have chosen their lenses.

Additional Features

Several brands offer additional features or benefits, such as design customizations, anti-reflective coatings, etc. for their users, hence, it is advised to explore this.

Warranty and Customer Support

It also helps to know if the brand or manufacturer offers a product warranty and has responsive, effective customer support that can answer any of your queries or issues.

Why Choose VOY VR Lenses for VR Headsets?

Now that we have a clear idea of how advantageous VR lenses can be, let’s look at how brands like VOY can help offer a myriad of options that promise both comfort and maximized entertainment.

VOY Glasses is a brand that specializes in providing users with tunable VR inserts and tunable eyewear that allows them to fully immerse themselves in the digital world of virtual reality. Their objective is to simply make your VR experience better, and here’s why you should choose VOY!

State-of-the-Art Technology

With the brilliant culmination of expertise and research, VOY has come up with eyewear that is designed with advanced tunable lens technology, making the wearer view their digital world with utmost clarity, precision, and comfort. Moreover, this award-winning precision-tunable lens technology can also seamlessly keep up with the user’s changing vision needs.


VOY VR lenses are designed to be re-tuned or adjusted very easily in the event of a changing prescription. This also avoids eye strain and fatigue in the long run. 


Whether you are nearsighted/myopic, or farsighted/hyperopic, VOY has got you covered! It is easily tunable as per your vision requirements and does not require any technical expertise. 

Shareable Tech 

Most often, gamers share their headsets in multiplayer games, and VOY makes that super effortless. One pair of eyeglasses or inserts can easily be switched to fit every individual’s eye prescription. 

Quality Optics 

VOY uses high-index 1.61 material for thinner and more lightweight lenses, thereby promising lesser damage and higher longevity of the lenses. 

Blue Light Blocking Technology 

Too much exposure to a screen can cause extreme eye fatigue or strain. However, VOY VR lenses are designed with blue light-blocking technology that shields your eyes from the light and keeps them safe.


VOY lenses provide high impact resistance and have been crafted with scratch resistance and anti-glare coating layers that offer complete protection to your lenses. 


VOY offers a range of feasible options for VR lenses and inserts for you to choose from based on your budget.

Shipping and Returns

VOY ships to most countries around the world and guarantees a very quick dispatch of 48 hours and delivery within just 3-5 business days. If the lenses or inserts don’t meet your expectations, you can simply return them and receive a full replacement. VOY has a very simple 30-day return policy on most products in exchange for a hassle-free refund, in case of any issues or damage. 

So to sum up, when you’re making the decision about what is the best option for you, consider your prescription, the VR headset you own, your comfort preferences, and lastly your budget. Custom prescription VR lenses or lens inserts are often the most convenient and effective choice for achieving optimal vision correction while using VR. And this way you get to fully live in your fantasy world with nothing to worry about! 

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