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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing VR Lenses for Gaming

by VOY Glasses 13 Nov 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing VR Lenses for Gaming

With the advent of technological advancements, gaming as an industry has been reshaping the way players experience virtual reality. VR gaming is an experience that essentially allows the user to experience a three-dimensional environment that is interactive & engaging. With gaming VR headsets one can feel like they're physically present in the digital world they’re exploring. The type of technology involved in these is such that it generates responsive interactions and realistic visuals.

Over the past ten years, VR gaming has been increasingly popular. In fact, the market for VR is expected to grow from less than 12 billion dollars in 2022 to more than 22 billion dollars by 2025, indicating that the business is expanding quickly. So as this industry boomed, it paved the way for newer innovations such as the VR inserts. 

VR inserts are customized lenses you can add to your gaming VR headsets. It fits your specific prescription needs, ensuring optimal visual clarity without the need of additional eyeglasses, thereby promoting a more comfortable gaming experience for all players. Here’s where VOY VR Lenses come into the picture! These offer tunable VR inserts designed for straightforward installation that you can easily attach to the headset without any complex procedures. These are compatible with PS VR headsets, Meta Quest headsets and more. This convenience of inserts ensures that you can start enjoying the improved visuals right away. 

Now that we’ve established what VR inserts are, let’s find out how it significantly improves players' overall gaming experience & what are some factors you need to consider while choosing VR lenses.

Elevating Gaming Experience with VR Lenses 

So how do VR lenses significantly improve players' visual quality and immersion? Let’s find out.

Optical Clarity, Sharpness & Color Accuracy

The optical clarity and sharpness while wearing VR lenses are of utmost importance. They help reduce aberrations, blurriness, and distortion to make sure that the virtual environment's visuals are realistic. Furthermore, the color & vibrancy of the visuals are also extremely important to have a more immersive experience & well-crafted VR lenses can offer that. Adding VOY tunable VR lenses insert allows the player to fully appreciate the artistic elements and design of the VR atmosphere. Their award-winning nanoscale precision technology offers excellent vision correction and also ensures optical clarity and sharpness. The combined effect of these optical enhancements results in a heightened sense of immersion. 

Wider Field of View 

The field of view (FOV) is the size of the visible area in a gaming VR headset. This lets players view more of the virtual environment without being distracted by edge distortion. It creates a more comprehensive and encompassing impression of the digital environment thereby helping one experience VR content as intended by game developers, without the FOV limitations often associated with glasses.

Optimal Comfort 

Wearing gaming VR headsets over prescription glasses can be uncomfortable and can impact the FOV. Personalized VR lenses or inserts by VOY help eliminate this discomfort by providing vision correction directly through the lenses, ensuring clear visuals without additional eyewear. These inserts offer a comfortable fit that doesn't press against your face, enhancing your ability to engage in longer gaming sessions without experiencing eye strain or discomfort. Moreover, you can choose the type of insert you need for your lenses. For instance if you have a PS VR, VOY offers tunable and prescription inserts that fit right in.

Tunable Focus for Precision Gameplay

Tunable focus, also known as variable focus, is a technique that enables users to modify the focus of the lenses on a VR headset to suit their individual vision prescription. People's different levels of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and other visual impairments are addressed by this technology. The amazing VOY tunable VR lenses insert offer a crisper and clearer view by allowing users to adjust each lens' focus, thereby improving gameplay precision. For instance, if you're playing a game that involves archery, these tunable lenses help players achieve better accuracy in hitting the bullseye.

Battling Eye Strain with Blue Light Blocking

While gaming can be addictive, your vision can also be impacted by this. Battling eye strain with blue light blocking is essential for maintaining comfort and reducing fatigue during extended gaming sessions. Blue light is a high-energy, short-wavelength light emitted by digital screens, including those of gaming VR headsets. Prolonged exposure to blue light can lead to digital eye strain, which manifests as symptoms like dry eyes, blurry vision, headaches, reduced production of melatonin, adverse sleep patterns and general discomfort. However, this can be managed. VOY VR lenses insert come with blue light-blocking technology that involves adding a special, additional coating to the lenses of eyewear, including gaming VR headsets, to filter out or reduce the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes. 

Shareable Comfort for Multiplayer Adventures

Shareable comfort is an important multiplayer gaming, and VR lenses insert play a key role in enhancing this comfort for everyone involved. This is where VOY VR lenses can make a gaming session even more enjoyable. 

Easy, Personalized Fit

Since each player may have a different prescription, it could make sharing gaming VR headsets a challenge. But VOY VR lenses insert eliminate this issue by providing a personalized prescription correction for each player. These are designed to be easily removable and replaceable. While swapping the headset between players, VR inserts can be effortlessly detached and reattached, allowing each player to use their own personalized lenses without any complicated adjustments. 

Uninterrupted Gameplay

Quick swapping of VR lenses insert means that players can seamlessly transition between different players' turns without unnecessary delays. This uninterrupted gameplay keeps the momentum going and maintains the immersive experience.

Enhanced Hygiene

Sharing gaming VR headsets can raise hygiene concerns, especially when it comes to wearing glasses that have been in direct contact with a player's face. However, VOY VR lenses insert can be easily cleaned or replaced, offering a more hygienic solution for multiple players.

Cost-Saving Brilliance 

Managing a balance between costs and good quality VR glasses involves making informed decisions based on your budget and gaming preferences. While premium VR glasses offer advanced features and optimal comfort, there are ways to achieve a satisfactory VR experience without overspending. 

VOY can help you achieve this balance with a wide range of VR lenses insert that vary in price and preferences without any compromise on the quality. There are different types of VR lenses insert that offer both tunable and prescription inserts available in different price ranges. These are also compatible with popular headsets such as PS VR, Lenovo, Apple etc. 

Choose Anti-Scratch Durability

It is crucial for VR inserts to have anti-scratch durability since it helps shield the lenses from harm and preserve their optical quality over time. VOY VR lenses insert are made to enhance the visual experience in gaming VR headsets, and their ability to resist scratches guarantees that even after prolonged use, the lenses will remain clear and distortion-free. 

To sum it all up, VR lenses insert are a concept that has revolutionized the gaming industry. It has significantly transformed the gaming industry by addressing challenges and enhancing the overall VR gaming experience. VOY is one such platform that provides personalized prescription correction, eliminating discomfort from wearing glasses inside gaming VR headsets and ensuring clear visuals. Multiplayer gaming becomes more accessible and enjoyable as VOY VR Lenses also offer shareable comfort. Ultimately, these inserts reflect the industry's commitment to enhancing user experiences, fostering inclusivity for those with visual impairments and expanding the reach of VR gaming.

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