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Why is VR Blurry Without Glasses?

by VOY Glasses 12 Nov 2023

Why is VR Blurry Without Glasses?

Experiencing blurry vision is never fun, especially while using VR. It can be extremely frustrating to not be able to fully immerse yourself virtually. Uncorrected vision generally tends to be one of the main causes of this. However, there can also be other potential reasons or causes for this, even if you don’t generally wear glasses. So let’s explore this further!

Possible Cause of Blurry Vision in VR Without Glasses: Uncorrected Vision

So why is VR blurry without glasses? When you don’t use glasses, uncorrected vision can be a constant source of blurry vision in VR. Any refractive error, such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism, that has not been properly addressed with eyeglasses or contact lenses is referred to as uncorrected vision. This can result in hazy VR experiences in the following ways:

Those who have myopia can see close-up things more clearly than distant ones. Without glasses or corrective lenses, distant virtual objects or settings may appear hazy or out of focus.

Hyperopia may see distant objects more clearly than up-close ones. This can result in fuzziness in a virtual reality environment while engaging with close-up settings or objects.

Due to an unevenly shaped cornea or lens, astigmatism produces hazy vision by preventing light from properly focusing on the retina. This may lead to distorted and hazy visuals in virtual reality, particularly if the astigmatism is severe and untreated.

Another reason that may cause blurry vision in VR is an incorrect interpupillary distance (IPD). VR headsets are made to function with a specific range of IPDs, which is the space between your pupils. The virtual images won't align with your eyes' natural spacing if the IPD settings on the headset don't match your IPD. This can create blurriness as well.

Furthermore, eye fatigue and strain while using VR can potentially cause hazy vision. Your eyes may grow weary from prolonged usage of the headset, which will cause blurriness. To avoid this problem while using VR, it's crucial to frequently rest your eyes.

The Solution to Blurry Vision in VR Without Glasses 

The use of specialized lenses to correct vision issues in the virtual reality environment is a common way to fix blurred vision in VR without glasses. Here are the two common solutions to this:

VR Tunable Lens 

Tunable VR inserts or lenses are adaptable lenses that may be precisely tailored to the individual prescription needs of the wearer. These lenses can be fitted into VR headsets to offer users with varied degrees of astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness a clear and personalized visual experience. These adjustable lenses have a mechanism that enables users to change both the individual and combined focal lengths of each lens. On the headset itself, there’s a dial or slider that can be used to change the fit. Users can discover their eyes' ideal focus by rotating the dial or moving the slider, resulting in a crisp and clear VR experience. 

Customizable: Users can modify the lenses to match their unique prescription, eliminating the requirement for additional eyewear.

Convenient: Changes can be made instantly to accommodate many users with various vision requirements.

Improved Immersion: Clearer images improve immersion and the sense of presence in virtual reality.

VR Prescription Lens 

VR prescription lenses are tunable eyewear created specifically to fit inside the VR headset and are matched to the user's eyeglass prescription. These lenses are custom-made based on the user's unique visual needs. Instead of using the included standard glasses, users may simply attach these prescription lenses to their VR headset. To ensure a clear and focused virtual reality experience, they are designed to closely match the user's prescription.

High Precision: To provide the clearest vision possible in VR, prescription lenses are made specifically for each user's prescription. 

Convenience: Since users don't need to wear glasses to use VR, the experience is more pleasant.

Compatibility: These lenses are often made to operate with well-known VR headset types. 

Both of these solutions are designed to deal with the problem of blurry vision in VR for people who need to wear glasses on a regular basis. Users have a choice of solutions, including employing custom-made prescription VR lenses or fine-tuning the focus with VR tunable lenses, depending on their requirements and preferences. By ensuring that the user's natural vision and the virtual environment are in sync, these technologies help provide a more pleasurable and immersive VR experience.

Apart from using tunable inserts or prescription VR lenses, there are a few other things you can consider to help with blurry vision. For instance, using high-quality lenses can help enhance the sharpness and detail of the visuals you view in the VR headset. Some VR headsets have inferior lenses that might not deliver a sharp, detailed image. A headset upgrade to one with better lenses can help you overcome the problem of fuzzy vision. This is also better for your eyes in the long run. 

Moreover, it is also extremely crucial to make sure that your prescription is current and accurate if you typically wear glasses or contacts and are using VR lenses with them. If not, the pictures you view with the headset may be distorted. The accuracy of your prescription can help resolve any issues with hazy vision you might be having when using VR lenses or headsets. 

Lastly, be extremely conscious of your screen time. While VR lenses or inserts protect your eyes, it is also essential to take extra care of them. Taking breaks to rest your eyes helps prevent eye strain and weariness. Your eyes may grow tired after using the VR headset for a while, which will also produce blurriness. To avoid this problem while using VR, it's crucial to frequently take those breaks from screens. 

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