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Why Do You Need VR Prescription Lenses For VR Headsets

by VOY Glasses 09 Nov 2023

Why Do You Need VR Prescription Lenses For VR Headsets

In the world of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), the search for an immersive and crystal-clear experience is endless, especially for those of us who rely on prescription lenses. The VR headset journey has often been a rough ride, but a promising solution has finally arrived: VR Prescription Lenses. 

Introducing VOY’s tunable VR lenses that offer innovation, comfort, and several other benefits in a single package. Let's quickly jump into why you should make the switch to VOY’s tunable inserts for your VR headset:

1. Clarity Beyond Glasses: The Need for Prescription Lens Inserts

For those of us who require prescription glasses to achieve 20/20 vision clarity, wearing them with a VR headset can be extremely uncomfortable. A VR headset's lenses are designed to be positioned close to your eyes, making it difficult to accommodate glasses. This often leads to discomfort, fogging, and an overall poor VR experience.

Enter VOY’s VR prescription lenses– Custom-crafted to your prescription, successfully eliminating the need for glasses beneath the headset. This means you can enjoy VR content with the same clarity and precision minus the added weight of glasses. VOY’s tunable VR lenses are tunable from -6 diopters (D) of nearsightedness to +3 D of farsightedness.

2. Comfort: Tailoring VR for Your Eyes

One size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to vision. VOY understands this, which is why we have come up with tunable VR prescription lenses. Think of these lenses as a custom-made suit for your eyes. Our VR lenses are not just accessories; they're an upgrade that turns your VR world into a comfy haven.

With our tunable VR lenses, your VR adventures become uniquely yours. Whether you're exploring distant lands, battling virtual enemies, or diving into epic stories, everything looks and feels just right for you. In short, no more constantly adjusting your headset or worrying about glasses slipping off. Your VR journey becomes a custom-tailored adventure for your eyes.

3. Blue Light Protection: A Healthier VR Experience

We love our screens and the amazing visuals they offer. But behind the scenes, there's a hidden troublemaker called blue light. This light can strain our eyes and cause long-term damage. Luckily, VOY's VR prescription lenses insert are here to protect your eyes from blue light.

Our lens inserts come with advanced blue light filtering technology. What does that mean for you? It means much less of that blue light reaching your eyes, so you can enjoy your VR experience for longer durations without worrying about eye strains or discomfort. By choosing our VR prescription lenses, you're not just enhancing your VR experience, you're also taking care of your eyes during those epic gaming sessions!

4. Compatibility and Ease of Use

Making the switch to VOY’s VR prescription lenses doesn't mean you're stuck with a limited choice of VR headsets. These tunable VR lenses are designed to fit smoothly with a variety of VR headset models, so you can enjoy your VR escapade without any extra hassle.Installation is typically a breeze, enabling you to easily attach or remove the prescription lenses as needed. This flexibility means you can share your VR headset with friends and family without any fuss. Sounds amazing, right?

With the constantly evolving technology, our VR prescription lenses offer a seamless and adaptable solution. They enhance your VR experience without restricting you to one headset or causing unnecessary complications. So, you get to explore the VR world your way, with all the options you love.

In a nutshell, VR prescription lenses insert are a must-have for anyone looking to boost their VR adventures, professional work, or medical training. Say goodbye to glasses under your VR headset and embrace a world of clarity, comfort, and health. 

Make the switch and unlock the full potential of your VR headset. Explore VOY's tunable VR lenses now!

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